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What is letmebeyourmonk.com?


    What is letmebeyourmonk.com? First of all, letmebeyourmonk.com is a spiritual service. It is a website where you can pray through participation when you do not have time to pray on your own. Letmebeyourmonk is not a replacement for Church or your personal prayers at home. In our contemporary days of distractions and demands, with its long hours at work and of our fragmented family demands; just when do we have time to pray as we should?
    The enemy will see to it you don’t have time. And it is so vital that we do pray, St. Paul tells us to pray always and not to faint. Now you can fight this laxity, you can pray with us! You can use our prayer organization and ancient prayer methods on your commute to or from work or at home, - or - on long plane rides or just a walk in the park you can spend time with God in prayer; or, in those late afternoons waiting for the kids to come home from school. Secondly, we have developed this site so you can mature and create a good prayer life for yourself. To stabilize your Christian life and keep you from being tossed to and fro, a stable prayer life will help guard the temple of your heart. So, we invite you to listen to my prayers and see for yourself. After that, I hope you will continue on and as new prayers are added to the web site, you can begin your own collection of the prayer sets. These prayers are structured from an ancient Eastern source and I do suggest that you at least persevere through at least one of the prayers, from beginning to end, to understand its complexity and richness that can be derived during the prayer session. If I was to choose one, I would suggest the evening prayer 13, EPK-13, as a start.
I consider it one of my best to date and hopefully they will improve in the future. Each prayer is unique in itself however still maintaining the ancient structure.

Praying with Sub-Deacon Raphael -The Monk-

     Raphael writes, "The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The Bible, God's inspired Word, is filled with Scriptures that supports these ideas that faith is accelerated through or develop within the audible sounds of Scripture and your heart. God resides within the Scripture itself. First, the apostle Paul taught that of receiving faith by the hearing of the audible gospel preached in several of his epistles. Moreover, the use of ‘Readers’ is common in the Historic Church where the Scriptures were read ‘out loud’ throughout the day. Secondly, there is a washing that occurs as we listen to the word of God as Christians. A purification of our souls, which only the born again Christian can experience as we listen. And not wanting to get into how God has led me to this point for lack of space, however, my Lord has led me in these prayers and I have developed a series of scripturally based audio prayers; when complete there will be 20 Morning, 20 Evening prayers and 6 Noon prayers where many are still under development, to help you cultivate a good prayer life and most of all to draw you closer to Christ Jesus our Savior. And, I pray the Lord that he - gives me time to finish them all.
     Remember, salvation is a relationship to a living God, in particular – Jesus Christ and His Church of born-again believers. Knowing the path does not necessarily allow you participation, because Salvation is a Person, Jesus the Messiah, he himself is the gate, the door, the way, the entrance point, to know Him is to have salvation. It is with Him that we have our doing, not with the evil one. The Church, all the born again persons of the bride, participates in the Trinity of God through Christ Jesus the Messiah the second person of the Trinity. It is within this development of prayer that personal relationships develops with a personal God are born, that born again awakening, chrismation, that conformation, that God Knowledge that one gets! - That…! That…! – That… is what I am interested in, and you should be also!
     Christ told us that He would manifest Himself to those who believe the gospel and do his Commandments i. And He does!! Else ware, we are told that we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and this is true also, prayer is a work, it is a labor. Pull away from the world, a little at a time and make room for a prayer helper that will help bring you nearer to Him ii.


     The rigorousness of these prayers will not only increase your faith by hearing the Scriptural prayers chanted, but it will also help you develop a better prayer life of your own - within the power of the Holy Spirit. As a regimen of right thinking I might say! Within these prayers, I have chosen good Christian Orthodox topics and the natural progressions of thought from Old Testament events through to their New Testament dialogue using the Holy Bible. It is for you and God to decide how they apply to your personal life. He will speak to you!
    Each prayer CD is packed with Old and New Testament passages and systematically goes through the Psalms of David within both morning and evening series. To think like King David is to move closer to our Lord.
     You cannot stay as you are as a Christian and not change if you are born again, conformation is just the beginning - you must bear fruit. It is that development, that relationship, that salvation, that which is apophatic… - that is what we began to experience in a good prayer life and the fruit will come all on its own. A good washing of the Word! It is in that direction that I wish to take you. There are many ways of saying it, but one thing is sure, Christ does not walk with the wicked or profane. He only walks with those who are clean, washed. Oneness with Christ comes through pureness of thought where Christ said, "…I in you and you in Me…" and much more…, -it is here in doing the commandments by faith that we begin to ascend into those apophatic spiritual realms of Himself.
     The Place of Refreshment! That peace of Christ! Being/experiencing - Under His Wings! The shelter in the time of storm! Our participation with Him! Remember we live and walk by faith and not by free will – not by sight. We exercise free will once we are free! Free from the bondage. There is a difference between those two! The unseen is more real than the seen; faith is the only virtue that can get you there.
     If you hear Jesus knocking at the door of your heart, it is your faith that will let Him in and you will find pasture going in and out. He is the Door and by faith in His incarnation, we can enter. His person is Jesus. Lowly of heart! The God/Man! It is through Him that we have access to the Father. So let us begin to seek his face!"

   i. Paul writes in the book of Ephesians chapter 5:25, " as Christ also loved the church [that's us] and gave himself for her, that he might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, that he might present her to himself a glorious church [that's us again], not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish." No I believe that you could relate this washing to baptism well enough, however I think this is more after baptism in the purification of the Christian as we go through life. Similar ideas of Jesus watching the disciples’ feet before the Lord's Supper give the same idea. We pick up dirt along the way, in our walk through life, which must be washed off. This is also seen in the movement of the Christian in going from milk to meat, from babes in Christ to mature Christians, from the lower rungs of the ladder to the higher rungs, our sanctification. Examine yourself, you know you're not spotless, you know you have wrinkles, you know you have blemishes, and this is how we become pure and virgin like. It is that we become part of the flesh of the pure one, part of the will of the pure one, part of the righteousness of the pure one, part of the patient endurance of the pure one, through our baptism. Paul continues further down in that passage and states, "for we are members of his body, of his flesh and of his bone." So as we move into his flesh and into his bone by faith, we began to be purified through listening to his word, the inspired word of God. So come and read with me!   *Go back*

   ii. I wish to tell you an experience I had many years ago, several years after I had been praying and developing these prayers. For years, I was beginning to add to my prayers passages from Old and New Testament and increasing the time slot that I gave myself each day for prayer. And I became pretty diligent in my sessions, at least once a day whether morning or evening I would take a slot of my time and dedicated to God in prayer. One evening as I was sent to my biblical readings, the same type of readings that I chant in these prayers, I experienced God the Father in a dramatically new way. God the Father made himself known to me. I can explain how, it was nonverbal but it definitely was memorable because it changed my whole conception within my prayer life. At the time they did not tell anyone and I must've held onto that experience without talking about it for years. But every time I would go to prayer I would have the presence of the Father with me as well as our Lord Jesus Christ. We have triune God who is in three persons, the noble kind of persons on an individual level. And to say the least it revolutionized my prayer life and I became all the more zealous in my monastic focus and began increasing my prayer times two if they are today. But the interesting thing about this experience was several years ago I was reading John Calvin's work on free will and within that particular book he talks about the same kind of experience that I had and how it changed his life. He experienced the Father on a personal level during prayer. We have an incident in the New Testament where one of Jesus's disciples asked Jesus to show on the Father. And Jesus responds and says have I been this long with you and you still do not see the Father within me. As we look to Jesus as we grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord, we will begin to experience the Father on a personal level. Obviously it is subjective because it is your experience nevertheless it is definitely real. So I encourage you to persevere in lengthening your prayer life because as you become more purified by the washing of the word, you draw that much closer to an understanding of the Trinity which is at the higher levels of Christian experience. I thank my God for this experience because now I say Father more than just God. When I go to prayer it is my Father I'm praying to not just some generic God or some God of the philosophers. This is the God of Jacob that has become the God of the monk Raphael.   *Go back*

Angel     Oration to Marion and Orville Revord     Angel    

Note: Beware, there is some background noise in this video.

     Oration content:


MonKnot     Beyond the Veil in the Temple     MonKnot

     Raphael writes, "The loftiness of our God and His vastness, prompted David to wonder why such a great God as Yahweh, creator of all this, would make this world, His abode with man? So, Christian or not, we wonder the same thing, for this has become a great mystery."

       Beyond the Veil in the Temple

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MonKnot                    Bodily Like Us                       MonKnot

     Raphael writes, "Far from this corruptible flesh that we now carry around with us, the Christian will experience the incorruptible flesh of the risen Lord as their own, not only in the coming resurrection of the first fruits in the coming rapture, but experience impart now in this life. Moreover, even now we participate in that power of His resurrected body through our purification by dying daily before His cross on a daily basis."

       Bodily Like Us

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MonKnot                    The Jesus Prayer                       MonKnot

     Raphael writes, "This faith, our faith, your faith connects through a real person, the incarnation of Yahweh, Jesus which is the only name under heaven given among men whereby ye must be saved and thus providing the only avenue for redemption to whosoever will call upon Him as the Son of God."

       The Jesus Prayer

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