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MonKnot     Letmebeyourmonk's Doctrinal Statement     MonKnot

     Raphael writes, "There is no extra ‘Tradition’ within the Church which equals dogma other than the Tradition of the Creed which came to light at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and ratified at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D. If there had been a ‘Tradition’ that equaled dogma that was extra from and added to this Creed, it would have been brought forward in the Creed of Nicaea as an indispensable addition for salvation at that date for all to hear.
     John 14:6 "… Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me…" Therefore, everyone has access to Jesus, if, they go to him in faith! For, it is Jesus who will bring you to the Father."

       Letmebeyourmonk's Doctrinal Statement

MonKnot     A Non-Denominational Monk     MonKnot

     Raphael writes, "What in the world is a non-denominational monk? Isn't the whole concept of denomination a heresy? When's the last time you were called a heretic? Wasn't that what Paul was talking about as he begins his loving rebuke of the Corinthian Christians’ denominating selective individuals for high praise, comparing themselves amongst themselves. Are we talking dogma hear! Religious opinions are important but who has it in this day, today! – Oh! To be well versed in the incarnational beliefs of Chalcedon's dogma! For myself, I'm a Chalcedonian when it comes to dogma about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hang around those of Cappadocia, or like-minded in a historical sense; are these not canonical ways of doing things as a Christian, as a son of God, an adopted son of God into the house of David through the baptism into Jesus of Nazareth my Lord and raised up with Him in His resurrection."

       A Non-Denominational Monk

MonKnot     On The Baptism of The Holy Spirit     MonKnot

     Raphael writes, "I wrote this paper in 1974 when I was quite young and in the fold of the fundamentalists in Grand Rapids Michigan. What blessed years in my memories of those times I had with them. But when one is born again, it is the group that you are associated with at the time – It is there, when you're beginnings of Christian education begin and it is not a short journey. I hold many of the truths in this paper still and obviously I have expanded on many of the thoughts throughout the years. And if the Lord may, I will expand on these in the talks around this paper in the future. But let me continue."

       The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

MonKnot     Evening Prayers Kathisma 13 - Homily      MonKnot

     Raphael writes, "Just where do you start when talking and thinking about the 10 Commandments when you are a Christian? And, just how are all these commandments related to us as born-againi Christians? Why do the Christians embrace and practice the 10 Commandments? These are the thoughts that should come to you as you contemplate and meditate upon EPK-13."

       If you'd like a further discussion of the EPK - 13 proceed to Homily