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The Talks With Monk C. Raphael Revord

(Here we have a series of YouTube video streaming lectures)

Angel     Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part I

     Removing some of the Old Testament ineffable mystery around the person of Yahweh through the incarnation - Jesus Christ becomes the human manifestation of the God of Jacob. Jehovah in the flesh! The Shepherd God becomes man.
     However, it would be arrogance on the part of man to think the ineffable nature of the incarnation is fully graspable now in its full nature as the Man/God.
     There are still deep ineffable mysteries within the incarnation as to how it is all put together. We will talk about some of these understandings that have been revealed to us in the New Testament and what has been searched out by the Christian in their walk with God...

       1. Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part I

Angel     Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part II

     If Jesus is not incarnate? And, if Jesus did not rise bodily from the grave? Then, Christianity and the Christian faith as we know it today from history and from the Scriptures, would not, and could not be true.
     We can see why the enemies of Christianity direct their attacks towards the incarnation and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These two events are the backbone of Christianity, and, in their attempt to eliminate the Christian belief system from the world, they attack the heart of what the Christian believes.
     With the rise of historical criticism, many within the Christian church have become sensitive to those scholars which use such methods in the teaching of the old and new Testaments. The abuses that have been railed against the church in the form of these criticisms have created many barriers amongst the various denominations of the church and amongst its Christian leadership. The Apostles warned the early Christians in their writings about such activities increasing towards the end of the age...

       2. Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part II

Angel     Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part III

     Through the studying the full circle of God’s Incarnation the born again Christian advances to a firm foundation in the knowledge of God. From Christ's pre-incarnation through to his exultation, the complete knowledge of this circular movement from Heaven to Earth and return to Heaven builds within the Christian a spiritual foundation that the gates of hell shall not prevail against...

       3. Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part III

Angel     Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part IVa 'Death of Christ'

Angel     Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part IVb 'The Passover Lamb'

Angel     Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part IVc 'Death and Resurrection'

Angel     Christ's Seven Incarnational Stations Part V

Angel     The Meal or Grain Offering

       6. The Meal or Grain Offering

Angel     Three Ways we experience Salvation

     In this lecture, I would like to talk about "3 Ways We Experience Salvation" and how this Experience affects us as born-again Christians.
     Christianity is experiential and not just a set of dogmas and lists of doctrines to be adhered to. Christianity is a walk with Jesus on a personal level...

       7. Three Ways we experience Salvation

Angel     Four Ways the Word Comes to Us

     In the gospel of John we read "… In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not…" [John 1:1-5]
     Jesus is the Logos [Word] of God...

       8. Four Ways the Word Comes to Us

Angel     The Up Rising of Righteousnes

     Is there righteousness in the world today? The scriptures say no! At least, a righteousness not of our own! In the book of Isaiah we read that “…all our righteousness is as filthy rags…”
     To be born again is to experiencing God the Father and to participate in His Son on a personal level – thus providing us with righteousness through the human deified body of Jesus. We do this through the power of the Holy Spirit!

       9. The Up Rising of Righteousnes

Angel     As Many As Be Perfect Be Thus Minded!

     The enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ are the ones that minds Earthly things to their own destruction. Holy thoughts are found in the Christ as we walk in obedience to His word. These enemies are revealed by their passion filled desires of possession, hatreds, and all types of passions connected to one thing or another that is worldly and of the Earth and there thinking not on things above. You will know them by their works.

       10. As Many As Be Perfect Be Thus Minded!

Angel     Speaking in Tongues - does not make you ‘Holy’!

     I’ve yet to see in Scripture where it states that Speaking in Tongues makes you holy or only those who speak in tongues are only holy or perhaps holier than others that don’t do it. Or, some will perhaps say that because I speak in Tongues, that makes me a leader of others – for only I have the Spirit and Tongues brings me to the fore or a way to the fore as it is the proof therefore, able to weed out others not like us – the holy ones. But?

       11. Speaking in Tongues - does not make you ‘Holy’!